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Finished your PhD - What then?

Finished your PhD - What then?

PHD-HUB FOULUM is an opportunity to elaborate on the possibilites and to take a well-prepared decision. You will be groomed to find relevant work close by or potentially start up you own business.

PHD-HUB FOULUM could be your shortcut to relevant information on how to stay in Denmark after your studies.

From 1 January 2018 Agro Business Park launches PHDHUB FOULUM - a programme designed for PhD-students to give entrepreneurship a try and to build bridges to the local business community. For six months you will have access to office space and business support whenever it fits into your schedule. You will also be invited to participate in networking activities with local companies and an in-depth entrepreneurship course provided by Viborg Business Development Center. Finally, you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea to relevant experts.

And it’s all for free!

PHD-HUB FOULUM is financially supported by Innovation Network for Biomass and Viborg Kommune and is established in cooperation with Aarhus University.

The course alternates between planned workshops and the possibility of individual sparring. The sparring is planned for every other Thursday but it can of course be changed if needed. If you do not wish to participate in the entire program, you can register for workshops from time to time.

Follow the program on Agro Business Park’s social media where any additional events as e.g. visits to local businesses will be published. By participating in the program you earn 3 ECTS points.

Download flyer about PHD-HUB FOULUM here

Contact  Site Manager, Jacob Mogensen, Agro Business Park if you want to sign up for the program:

Jacob Mogensen
+45 8999 2512

Erhvervsfremstød i Zaragoza, Spanien, på FIMA 2018

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